Цены на Пхукете 2024

Prices in Phuket 2024. Food, entertainment, transportation

21 February 2024

Today in our review, the topic is popular and particularly relevant if you are planning a vacation in Phuket in the near future. How much does life cost, especially food in Thailand - prices in 2024. Phuket in general is slightly more expensive for living in Thailand than, for example, Pattaya. But here the prices are quite affordable, and most importantly, stable. If you remember what Phuket was like ten years ago - prices for food, transportation, entertainment, etc., then you understand that they have hardly changed, just like the exchange rate of the Thai baht to the dollar. But the exchange rate of the ruble, of course, has fallen during this time.

So, everything you want to know, how much drinks, fruits, food, sun loungers, beach attractions, transportation cost, we will tell you below. All prices were checked in real time in Patong. Obviously, prices may vary in different locations on the island. The exchange rate of the Thai baht to the ruble at the time of publication was 2.55.

How much does it cost to rent a sun lounger on the beaches of Phuket

Note that all beaches in Phuket are public, and you can come to sunbathe on your mat anywhere. Or use sun lounger rental. The cost of the service is 100 baht for 1 sun lounger with an umbrella. Sometimes they ask to rent two sun loungers at once, but not everywhere.

Drinks: water, coconut

  • Delicious, fresh, thirst-quenching coconut on the beach costs 80 baht. Across the street from the beach - 50 baht.
  • Bottled water on the beach (0.5 L) - 20 baht.

Water attractions

Water attraction in Phuket

  • Jet ski rental - 30 minutes for one person will cost 1500 baht, for two - 2000 baht.
  • Parasailing - 1500 for one adult, 2000 for two. For children - 1200 and 2400 baht respectively.
  • Banana boat ride - 700 baht for adults, 500 for children.

Thai massage

On the beach, the cost of an hour-long massage session is 400-500 Thai baht, in regular salons the cost is approximately the same, in luxury ones - from 1000 baht.

Muay Thai training

300-500 baht per hour lesson

Food prices in Phuket

Let's look at the prices for food in Phuket now at a Thai market.

  • Thai kebabs on skewers Satay (made from chicken, pork, offal, seafood) will cost you 20 baht per skewer.
  • Fried ice cream - 100 baht per serving
  • Pad Thai - 60 baht
  • Roasted chestnuts - 100 baht
  • Fried insects - 20 baht
  • Freshly squeezed juice - 80 baht, 0.3-0.5 l bottle
  • Famous Thai Roti pancakes - 50-70 baht per serving
  • Sushi 10 baht per piece
  • Meat (chicken, fish) in batter - 10 baht per 1 piece on a skewer


thai fruits

  • Mangosteen - 100 baht per package (4-5 pcs)
  • Rambutan - 80 baht per package (about 10 pieces)
  • Mini peeled pineapples - 80 baht per package (10-11 pieces)
  • Peeled grapefruit - 120 baht per package (4-5 slices)


taxi in phuket

  • Taxi on the street from Patong to Phuket Town 500 baht
  • Tuk-tuk - the same price
  • Taxi from Patong to Phuket Town via app 315 baht

As you can see, by calling a taxi through the app, you can save a lot. Popular taxi apps in Phuket - Grab, Bolt, InDrive.

Bike rental

Rental bike in Phuket

  •  Honda adv 155cc - 500 baht/day
  • Honda click 125cc, Honda Scoopy - 300-400 baht/day, 3-4 thousand baht/month
  • Honda Forza, Yamaha Xmax - 600 baht/day, 15 thousand baht/month

Rent a Car

  • Toyota Vios 1000 baht per day, 18,000 baht/month
  • Pickups from 2400 baht/day, from 45 thousand baht/month
  • Executive cars from 3000 baht/day, from 55 thousand baht/month


In general, all prices in Phuket in 2024, as in any other years, vary depending on location. Everything that is closer to the beach and popular tourist spots is more expensive. In areas where mainly local Thais live, prices will be noticeably lower.

And if you are planning to buy real estate in Phuket, you can look at prices in rubles, baht and dollars on our website.

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