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Is it possible to buy real estate remotely?

Yes, the procedure for buying real estate in Thailand remotely from any country is widespread and well-established

Is it possible for a foreigner to buy a real estate property?

Yes, there are two forms of ownership in Thailand, one of them is freehold - full ownership. For example, in condominiums, up to 49% of units can be sold to foreigners in full ownership. An individual cannot buy villas in a freehold, only in a leasehold (long-term lease for 30 * 3 years), but at the same time it is possible to issue a villa in full ownership to a company that is registered on the spot in the name of the buyer

Is there an installment plan?
Yes, when buying real estate from a developer, installments are usually provided. When buying on the secondary market, full payment is required.
How much do agent services cost?
Agent services in Thailand are free for the buyer, they are paid by the developer. Thus, it does not matter whether you buy the property yourself or with the help of an agent, the final cost will not change for you.
What taxes are there when buying real estate?
When registering real estate in leasehold, the tax is only 1.1% of the value, and it is divided in half between the buyer and the developer. When registering a freehold, the 6,8% tax is also divided in half.
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