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We will help you to find apartments, villas for living and investing in the best projects in Phuket
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What we do for you

Our services

Online and offline real estate purchase

Full transaction support. We will conduct an examination, individually select objects for you, solve legal issues.

Sale of real estate

Entrust us with the sale of your property. We will find a buyer quickly and profitably, saving you from unnecessary hassle.

Real estate rental

We will select accommodation for medium and long-term rentals so that your stay in Phuket is as comfortable as possible.

Legal advice

Experienced lawyers with excellent knowledge of Thai law will help you with any legal issue.

Commercial real estate

We have favorable offers for the sale of commercial premises on the island.

Land sale

We provide services for the sale of land plots on the island of Phuket. We have a selection of land of different purposes and sizes in several areas of the island.

Stages of a real estate purchase transaction

  • 1. Object selection

    We select several projects that meet your criteria. We collect and provide you with all the necessary information on them: type of property, payment methods and payment schedule, availability of an investment program, etc.
  • 2. Tour of the objects

    We will organize and hold a meeting with the developer / seller for you and show the selected objects. Online and offline.
  • 3. Negotiations with the seller and booking of the object

    We coordinate the most favorable terms of the transaction for you with the seller of the selected object. Next, a reservation agreement is drawn up, you make a deposit (usually about 1% of the cost), after which this object is withdrawn from sale.
  • 4. Preparation and conclusion of the main contract

    The seller's representatives are preparing the main contract. Our lawyers check it and send it to you for approval, approval of all items and signing.
  • 5. Payment under the contract

    Payment is made according to the schedule approved in the contract from any point.
  • 6. Acceptance of the object

    When concluding a transaction with objects under construction, after the completion of construction, the developer sends an invitation to accept your property.
  • 7. Registration of property rights in the Land Department

    Registration is carried out in the land department in Thai, either by a representative of the developer, or by lawyers on the basis of a power of attorney on your behalf. The purchase of real estate can be carried out both offline and remotely. In the case of a remote transaction, tours of the objects are conducted online. We can carry out the acceptance of the object on your behalf if you do not have the opportunity to attend in person.
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