Real Estate Purchase in Thailand. Why Use a Real Estate Agency in Phuket?

25 December 2023

Buying property in Phuket for living or investment, despite its wide popularity, can be a complex process, especially for foreigners. In such cases, turning to a real estate agency can be very useful and even necessary. Here are a few reasons why seeking help from professionals when buying property in Phuket is worthwhile.

Market Knowledge

Real estate agencies in Phuket have extensive experience in the local market. They are familiar with all the peculiarities and nuances of purchasing property in this region, allowing them to provide valuable recommendations in the selection process and transaction formalities.

Professional Search Assistance

Well-established real estate agencies have access to a wide range of properties in Phuket, enabling them to help clients find the perfect option according to their needs, goals, and budget.

Access to Exclusive Offers

Some real estate agencies have special arrangements with specific developers, allowing them to offer their clients highly advantageous deals not available on the open market. For example, access to pre-sale bookings with the most favorable terms.

Legal Support

Purchasing property, especially abroad, involves numerous legal nuances. To avoid legal issues and ensure that all documents and transactions comply with Thailand's legislation, professional legal support from expert real estate agencies in Phuket is crucial.


Real estate agencies in Phuket often have extensive connections with local agents, construction companies, interior designers, and other professionals. This can be beneficial not only for property purchases but also in other aspects of your life on the island.

Time and Effort Savings

Turning to a real estate agency will save a tremendous amount of time and effort typically required for independent property search and purchase.

No Fees for Agency Services

Yes, on Phuket, the services of agents are paid for by the developer, so the client incurs no additional costs when using an agency, and the price for the selected property when working through an agent will be the same as when purchasing independently.

In conclusion, professional agency services can simplify and secure the purchasing process, making them an integral part of a successful deal. Considering that agency services are free for the buyer, there is simply no reason to engage in property search and acquisition independently. All that's left is to choose "your" real estate market expert in Phuket with whom you feel comfortable working.

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