Phuket. Investment programs

Investment in Phuket real estate. Investment programs

06 December 2023

Investment property developers in Phuket usually offer the following rental income programs:

  • Guaranteed income
  • Rental pool
  • Buyback option

Guaranteed income

This is a real estate investment program in Phuket, where the owner receives a certain fixed percentage of the property's value. Typically, this is 3-7% annually, received in the first 3-5 years after the property is put into operation.

Rental pool

A program for income distribution, where 50-70% of the rental income is distributed among the owners of a pool of similar type apartments, and 30-50% remains with the developer or property management company to cover expenses.

Buyback option

An option where the developer repurchases the investment property from the owner at a fixed price after a certain period, usually at 105-110% of the initial cost.

These three programs are often combined. For example, the guaranteed income program may be in effect for the first 5 years, followed by the rental pool program.

Participation in these investment programs often requires the purchase of property with a furniture package, to ensure that the apartment meets certain requirements for renting out.

When participating in investment programs, the owner usually has the opportunity to live in the apartment for about 30 days per year for free. Sometimes, the program's conditions specify the number of possible days of residence depending on the season. For example, 15 days in high season and 15 days in low season.

If you are considering real estate investments, Phuket offers excellent opportunities for generating stable passive income.

We are ready to find real estate for you with or without the opportunity to participate in investment programs. Just leave a request in the form below.

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