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Remote purchase of real estate in Thailand

17 November 2023

You can buy real estate in Thailand from anywhere in the world. The procedure for remote property purchase has been widely practiced here for several years and is well-established. Therefore, if you are unable to be present on-site, you can easily purchase property in Thailand remotely by turning to professional agencies.

How does the remote purchase process work?

  1. You communicate your goals and preferences to your agent. The agent prepares a selection of properties in Thailand that match your criteria and arranges online viewings of the properties you like. If necessary, additional inspections can be conducted.
  2. To reserve the chosen property, you make a reservation payment (deposit). The deposit amount usually ranges from 100,000 to 200,000 Thai baht. You receive a reservation agreement, and the property is taken off the market.
  3. Within 30 days from the date of reservation, the buyer receives a purchase and sale agreement with agreed conditions, timelines, and payment stages.
  4. Payment is made according to a schedule, usually via bank transfer to the developer/seller's account based on an invoice and contract. Many developers in Thailand also accept cryptocurrency as payment.

When purchasing property in freehold ownership, there is an important condition. The funds must come from abroad, from the buyer's foreign account. There is no such requirement for purchasing property in leasehold ownership. 

When buying property on the secondary market, the buyer typically opens a bank account in Thailand for the required amount to be transferred to.

  1. After the completion of construction and the property's handover, an inspection of the property takes place, which can also be done remotely.
  2. Subsequently, the registration of ownership rights occurs either through the land department by a representative of the developer or buyer (lawyer) based on a power of attorney. All documents are prepared in the Thai language.

You can get more detailed information about the procedure for buying property in Thailand through a free consultation with our agency's experts. Simply fill out the application form.

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